Entre Us 2015

Paul Kelley and Mayte Escobar

“Entre” or “Between”

“Entre us” is a collaboration that merges video projection and performance. Looped continuously with no defined beginning or end, the performance is projected as a moving image on the bodies of the artists. The artists, in an act of performing, become the screen and a medium of the work itself. Entre us addresses personal and collective identity and the ongoing attempt to penetrate real or contrived barriers that often arise in our minds, between people and the world around us. The blend of projection, moving images and the human body is an effort to challenge expectations – an attempt to put the viewer in a position to stop and question.

Between the two of us sitting back-to-back, a physical and important visual barrier is created. Without our bodies and our bodily position, the moving images would present an invisible barrier but some barriers may be exactly that, invisible. Although we are connected by the projection as well as sitting back-to-back, we are still, separate. The projected moving images of two individuals are in a continuous pursuit to penetrate this separation – this barrier between them. This can be an ongoing struggle in our daily lives – mentally, physically and socially. Barriers occur between people – between communities. It is between us – between all of us, to penetrate and transcend them. We are all connected, however different, in this ongoing attempt and when we have each other’s backs, we can bridge the divide between us.

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