PLAYGROUND 2020 (The year of Covid)

Inspired in part by the online art shows, artist talks and drive-by art that has been graciously shared during times of social distancing, I present, PLAYGROUND. A social media exhibition of footage shot while isolating in my backyard. Stepping outside - a break from material.

Thinking about play and attempting to evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder, each video and corresponding still image, was shot from the ground or in a tree/plant while observing or in some act of doing/playing.

Each video has no defined beginning or end, which is a theme in much of my video and installation works.

Play doesn’t have to be strictly defined nor does it necessarily have a beginning or end. It’s ongoing and occurs at different phases of life.

As adults, I think it can get away from us. I see art as an approach to life. Away of being. And so, I try to make a habit of this already, and not lose sight of the importance of play - being playful and being curious. Waiting-watching-pausing-seeing-reflecting and asking.

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